Contributor Faq

Whether you are a seasoned writer or writing your first children's book then this site is for you. Come join us on our journey and together let's make this site great!

What is a contributor?

We believe a contributor is more than just an individual and our hope is to build a community of authors who are passionate in producing quality children's stories. By having your book freely available to be read by millions of children world-wide, as a collective, we will increase our exposure and attract audiences to the site. Honestly, we couldn't do this without your contribution and for that we would be truly appreciative and in return we will offer you the best support we can offer and as much opportunity to promote you and your book as is possible.

How can I generate an income with my free book?

We do not sell books directly from our site and we will be free of open advertisements as it is our firm belief we are protecting children and respecting the rights of parents... but make money you can! We believe, that through careful management of your book, this can be achieved. Here are but a few opportunities where we think you can generate an income:

How much will this cost?

It is free to list your book with us. The books are free to view and as such it is free for you to promote your book on our site. If you would like to move your book into sales and you would like for us to sell your book on your behalf, we take a minimum of 10% take on your overall sale cost. We will work tirelessly to ready your books for distribution across many different platforms and we will only get paid when you do. We believe this approach is in your best interest as it is in our best interest in ensuring that your book performs well. Please register your interest with us and we can email you a personal break down of the services that are right for you.

We will also offer a subscription plan at a later stage to offer you more services but it will always be free to register your book with us.

What are the services offered?

Our services are typical of many self publishing services and more. These services may evolve as we do but here are the current list of services we currently have on offer.