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  1. Why Monkeys Are Cunning? - book cover
  2. Gotcha Day - book cover
  3. Bubbles Beach - book cover
  4. My Pet Is Gone? - book cover
  5. A Happy Heart - book cover
  6. Big Fish - book cover
  7. If Today Was Tomorrow - book cover
  8. See Ye First - book cover
  9. Monkey Trouble! - book cover
  10. The Day the Color Black Disappeared - book cover
  11. Oscar Rabbit - book cover
  12. Hoagie & Katie - book cover
  13. Flowy - book cover
  14. Take a Look - book cover
    • 290

    Why Monkeys Are Cunning?

    By Kamil Miklaszewski

    If you want to find out why monkeys are mean, if you want to know the name of a mysterious tree from the Amazon jungle, you must read "Why monkeys are cunning?" The richly illustrated words of a classic, Brazilian fairy tale will transform you and your child.

    • 198

    Gotcha Day

    By Mette Sandsgaard Pallesen

    Gotcha Day is a children´s book about adoption and the difficult transition the child goes through during the adoption process, from a life in an Asian orphanage to a life in a Western family.

    • 121

    Bubbles Beach

    By Gabrielle Show

    Londyn learns how to count while blowing bubbles! How many bubbles can you count at the beach?

    • 100

    My Pet Is Gone?

    By Simona Plopeanu & Mónica García

    The loss of a pet is hard on everyone. Children can be especially sensitive. Because it is often a child’s first encounter with death, parents should handle the situation with care. With My Pet Is Gone, you can create a commemoration space where the family hon

    • 133

    A Happy Heart

    By Shelley Rudderham & Melanie Rudderham & Adam Murray

    What is the magic that Charity seems to possess? She turns loneliness into new friendships, pouts upside down and chills into warmth. But how?

    • 144

    Big Fish

    By Ahmad Amani

    Now, Big Fish had a big friend. They could speak and laugh together. In the sky, Big Fish could see anything on the earth, and it saw that its ocean was only a part of the earth, not all of the world.

    • 90

    If Today Was Tomorrow

    By Ray Turner & Sue Donze

    If Today Was Tomorrow is a simple story intended to entertain kids and parents too. But, it also is intended as fuel for the imagination. I encourage kids to take the concept and create ideas of their own based on the simple thought, "If today was tomorrow..."

    • 115

    See Ye First

    By Theo W. Fitzsimmons & Nick Kalivas

    Carrie Ann is very odd. Her one eye is not the only feature. Let just say one of them is a pet balloon named Nathen. Which is why the popular family in the community don't like her. Follow the journey of Carrie Ann and the Bucks from being liked to being odd.

    • 101

    Monkey Trouble!

    By Salome Byleveldt

    Somebody has been telling stories about the Animals and Lion is roaring mad! The Storyteller must now draw pictures of all the Animals, but Monkey makes a lot of trouble. Will the pictures be done before the big rains start?

    • 372

    The Day the Color Black Disappeared

    By Miguel Cabrera

    Santy’s new adventure takes him to meet Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous artists ever known. It’s Van Gogh who teaches him everything about color mixing.

    • 132

    Oscar Rabbit

    By Charlotte Victoria Rees

    This book is for Grandad, to raise money for Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust. This magical Easter book tells the story of a cheerful rabbit named Oscar. One very regular day something extraordinary happens and it all starts with the delivery of a letter.

    • 131

    Hoagie & Katie

    By Rio Koviak

    Hoagie finds himself in a strange world after his hamster ball rolls a bit too far from home. Adventure ensues as Hoagie makes an unlikely friendship with Katie, the capybara, who has also wandered away from her family. The two embark on a journey that leads t

    • 118


    By Gilberto Mariscal & Chuwy

    Lucy has received a beautiful gift, a shy and nice flower that she has named Flowy. But her arrival brings an important responsibility: Lucy will have to look after Flowy!. Will she be able to do it?

    • 102

    Take a Look

    By William Steen

    A beginning and early reader book. Ook and Nook like to look at things in their own special way, with simple easy to sound out rhyming narration and colorful Illustrations.

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Classic Titles
  1. A Masque of Days - book cover
  2. The Three Bears - book cover
  3. Aladdin or The Wonderful Lamp - book cover
  4. Blinky Bill - book cover
    • 119

    A Masque of Days

    By Elia & Walter Crane

    The old year being dead, and the New Year coming of age wh: he does by Calendar Law, as soon as the breath is out of the old gentleman's body...

    • 125

    The Three Bears

    By Unknown

    THERE were once three bears, who lived in a wood, Their porridge was thick, and their chairs and beds good...

    • 336

    Aladdin or The Wonderful Lamp

    By Unknown

    An impoverished young man named Aladdin is recruited by a sorcerer to retrieve a lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave. After the sorcerer attempts to double-cross him, Aladdin keeps the lamp for himself, and discovers that it summons a surly djinn.

    • 137

    Blinky Bill

    By Dorothy Wall

    Koala Blinky Bill wanders in the Outback in search of adventure.

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